Comprehensive Master Plan 2

Lyon County has revised its Master Plan. The Lyon County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners have adopted a County-wide Component of the Lyon County Comprehensive Master Plan. The December 23, 2010 Adopted County-wide Component is available below.

The next step in the completion of the Comprehensive Master plan is the preparation of Community Plans. County Planning staff has started the process of drafting the community Plans based on the framework adopted in the County-wide Component. Staff will be using information previously prepared by several communities, as well as information from future community workshops and advisory council meetings that will be held in each community. A schedule for community plan preparation and community workshops and advisory council meetings will be forthcoming.

Adopted County-wide Component

Title Page 12-23-2010
Acknowledgements 12-23-2010
Table of Contents 12-23-2010
Ch. 1 - Plan Overview 12-23-2010
Ch. 2 - Vision and Guiding Principles 12-23-2010
Ch. 3 - Land Use, Economy and Growth 12-23-2010
Ch. 4 - Transportation 12-23-2010
Ch. 5 - Community Character and Design 12-23-2010
Ch. 6 - Natural Resources and Environment 12-23-2010
Ch. 7 - Parks, Recreation and Open Space 12-23-2010
Ch. 8 - Public Facilities/Services 12-23-2010
Ch. 9 - Regional Coordination 12-23-2010
Ch. 10 - Communities and Planning 12-23-2010
Ch. 11 - Implementation 12-23-2010 Interim
Glossary 12-23-2010
Appendix A- Land Use Maps 12-23-2010
Appendix B - Roadway Network Maps 12-23-2010

Land Use Maps

Lyon County Communities 12-23-2010
Lyon County Character Districts 12-23-2010
Lyon County Land Use 12-23-2010
Dayton Land Use 12-23-2010
Fernley Land Use 12-23-2010
Mason Valley Land Use 12-23-2010
Mound House Land Use 12-23-2010
Silver City Land Use 12-23-2010
Silver Springs Land Use 12-23-2010
Smith Valley Land Use 12-23-2010
Stagecoach Land Use 12-23-2010
Dayton Airport Overlay Map 12-23-2010
Mason Valley Airport Overlay map 12-23-2010
Silver Springs Airport Overlay Map 12-23-2010
Smith Valley Airport Overlay map 12-23-2010

Roadway Network Maps

Lyon County Roadway Network Map 12-23-2010

50 Corridor Roadway Network Map 12-23-2010
Dayton Roadway Network Map 12-23-2010
Mason Valley Roadway Network Map 12-23-2010
Mound House Roadway Network Map 12-23-2010
Silver City Roadway Network Map 12-23-2010
Silver Springs Roadway Network Map 12-23-2010
Smith Valley Roadway Network Map 12-23-2010
Stagecoach Roadway Network Map 12-23-2010