Current Planning

This activity is responsible for analyzing development applications, administering zoning and development regulations, and providing related planning information to the public. This includes reviewing applications for divisions of land into large parcels, parcel maps, subdivisions, planned unit developments, special use permits, zone changes and master plan amendments. Additional responsibilities include administering easement and roadway abandonment, lot line adjustments and a host of other land use related activities.

Advanced Planning

The primary task of this program is the development and maintenance of a new Lyon County Comprehensive Master Plan, including elements, sub-area plans and mapping, and associated implementation measures (e.g., ordinances, codes, regulation and standards) and capital improvement project planning. The activity focuses on the long range needs of the County and its unincorporated communities. Other activities include participation in regional planning, census and demographic information, special planning projects, and coordination and liaison with other local, regional, state and federal agencies and organizations.

Engineering Support Services

These support services primarily entail the processing and coordination of record maps and improvement plans. Talks include distributing improvement plans and final maps to agencies for review and signature, providing support services for contract engineering review services, coordinating record map and improvement plan processing, maintaining improvement plan files, tracking improvement and maintenance bonds, billing developers for costs of improvement plan review, processing grading permits and coordinating engineering review, and processing boundary line adjustments and check deeds and legal descriptions for accuracy.

Administrative Services

This activity provides administrative and clerical support to all Department programs, including the Planning Commission. Clerical support for the Planning Commission includes preparing and distributing agendas, distributing Planning Commission packets, and taking minutes of meetings. Other important tasks include processing annual special use permit compliance reviews and verifying compliance, and preparing vouchers for Division expenditures.