Application Information

Once you have received the forms and before submitting them to our office, the following clearances and/or approvals are required:

  1. Zoning approval by the Planning Department and a Special Use Permit, if required.
  2. Inspection and approval by the local Fire and Building Departments.
  3. Inspection and approval by the Nevada State Health Department where applicable.
  4. Proof that requirements of the Nevada Department of Taxation have been met.
  5. In some cases, Lyon County Utilities or Silver Springs Mutual Water Company may need to sign off the application.
  6. Proof of valid worker's compensation insurance if you have employees.
  7. A State Certificate is required for employment agencies and banking/lending companies, Credit Service Organizations, Dance Studios, Health Clubs, Discount Membership Buying Organizations, Recovery Agencies, Sports Information Companies, Telefunders, Telemarketers, Travel Agencies and Clubs, Tour Operators, Private Investigators, Nurseries, Auto Repair Services an Auto Sales to name a few. Please contact our office to see if the type of business you are conducting will require a State Certificate.
  8. Bonds are required for pawnshops and wrecking yards.

Upon the applicant submitting evidence of required approvals, and the issuance of all/any Federal, State, County or City certificates or permits, our department can issue you a business license.

Your business license will be issued valid for one year. It will remain valid unless the quarterly fees become delinquent. It must be posted and displayed prominently in your place of business.