Any business applying for or operating under a standard business license is required to pay an annual fee based on the following schedule. The number of persons it takes to run your business, including the owners, determines these fees.
  • Three (3) or less, annual fee is $150.00
  • Four (4) to fifteen (15), annual fee is $188.00
  • Sixteen (16) to fifty (50), annual fee is $338.00
  • Fifty-one (51) or more, annual fee is $900.00

Liquor License Fees

  • Saloon, Bar Room, On-Off Sale quarterly fee is $337.50
  • Convenience Store, Packaged Goods quarterly fee is $300.00
  • Beer and Wine only quarterly fee is $225.00
  • Background investigation fee (one-time) is $76.50 for the first applicant and $76.50 for each additional applicant
There is an application fee of $25.00 which shall be included in your annual fee for the processing of your license, including inspection and investigation costs. This fee is non-refundable should your application be denied for any reason.

Business license fees are payable yearly by July 1 if the amount is $150.00 or under. The fees may be paid quarterly if the amount is over $150.00 on or before July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1 of each year, at the option of the business. During the month of June each year, the business license department will notify all businesses by mail of the date their business license fee shall be due and the amount of the fee due for the following year. This is the only notification of when the fees are due. It is the businesses’ responsibility to make all appropriate payments on time. There is a grace period of fifteen (15) days and a fifteen percent (15%) penalty will be applied to delinquent fees after the 15th of the month upon which they are due.

Your fee can be prorated, depending on when you apply for your license. We can prorate the year, but not the quarter.