Witness Information

Witnesses are important to the successful prosecution of cases and our ultimate goal of seeking justice in the cases we take to court. We recognize that being a witness can be an emotional and difficult experience. We also understand that it can be an inconvenience for many because you may have to miss work or other activities that you have scheduled. Often times our office has little or no control over the time or place where you will need to testify.

We suggest that witnesses follow the following guidelines when you receive a subpoena:

1. Plan to arrive at court at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time unless you have been advised to arrive earlier.

2. Please be advised that most courts have a dress code and shorts and tank tops are not acceptable clothing for court. Appropriate dress will give the court and jurors a better impression.

3. Contact our office in advance of the hearing if you have any questions or have any concerns about testifying. We also suggest that you call the day before the hearing to make sure that the hearing has not been changed or canceled.