Public Defender Information

The Court can appoint a public defender to you if you are not able to afford to retain an attorney. At a criminal arraignment you will be offered the option for a court appointed public defender if you enter a plea of not guilty. You will be requested to complete the Public Defender Application to ensure that you’re not financially able to afford your own counsel.

Dayton Justice Court currently utilizes the following:

Public Defender

Law Office of Richard P. Davies, Esq.

Moria E. Desmarais, Esq.
140 Washington Street, LL 60
Reno, NV 89503
Phone (775) 360-6894

Please contact the office at the number listed above after your initial arraignment to make your appointment to meet with Moria E. Desmarais, Esq.

You may also obtain legal advice from Nevada Legal Services for any questions or concerns, since our clerks are prohibited from offering legal advice.