Placing Holds From Home


  1. You will first need to set up a personal password in your library account. The library staff will assist you in this step.

  1. Log on to:

  1. Enter your search in the Quick Library Search box and press Enter.

  1. Scroll down until you see the title you are looking for.

  1. If you want to see what libraries own the book or AV material, or if you want to check if your local library has it, click on Availability.

  1. Click on Place a Request.

  1. Enter the 14 digits of your library card number with no spaces.

  1. Enter your Password.

  1. Choose the Pickup Library where you want to pick up your held item. (Note: "Lyon County Library" refers to Yerington)

10. Click on Submit Request.

11. "Your hold has been placed." We will let you know as soon as your requested item
arrives at the library!

12. Click Close.

13. Log Out.