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1. When do I need a business license?
2. Do I need to go the Department of Taxation first?
3. How much will a business license cost me?
4. When do I need to file a Fictitious Firm Name?
5. Which inspections do I need and do I need them if I am running a business from my home?
6. How do I calculate number of employees, does this include leased or part-time employees?
7. Is a husband and wife considered a sole proprietorship?
8. Do I need to notify you if I close my business?
9. I don’t have any children, do I still need to complete the “CHILD SUPPORT” form?
10. What other requirements do I need?
11. Where do I get a federal identification number?
12. When do I need to fill out a renewal form to update my license?
13. Are the business license fees pro-rated?
14. When are fees due?
15. What if I have no employees, do I still need to complete the ‘Affirmation of Compliance?