The Lyon County Assessor`s Mapping Division has a complete and accurate set of Lyon County cadastral maps that show the size, shape and boundary of every land parcel in the County.


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Purchase Maps

These maps are available to the public at 25 cents a sheet for 8.5x11or 50 cents a sheet for 11x17 copies.

Parcel System

Per the Nevada State Department of Taxation Manual of Assessment Policies and Procedures "The Assessor’s parceling system was established for property tax assessment purposes only. Its design and primary purpose facilitates the identification, valuation and assessment of property."

View the Explanation of the Parcel Numbering System.


The staff in the Mapping Division are available to explain the information we have used to map a particular parcel boundary; however:
  • We do not survey property. If you need a surveyor, there are many qualified people listed under “Surveyors” in the yellow pages of the phone book.
  • We do not provide legal advice on property rights or any other subject.
  • We do not research or determine whether particular parcels have access. This must be researched by the interested party at the Lyon County Recorder’s Office.
  • We do not have the ability to settle disputes between property owners as to whether an encroachment has occurred with regard to fences, sheds or any other use or structure.
  • We do not keep records on building setback requirements. The Building Department of Lyon County can give you that information for your particular parcel.
  • We do not have topographic surveys in our office. If you are required to have a topographic survey for a building permit or Certificate of Occupancy, you must hire a surveyor to do this for you and fill out an Elevation Certificate.
  • We do not keep FEMA Flood Plain maps in our office. For information on whether your property falls within a flood plain, contact Lyon County Planning Dept.