Property Taxes

Tax Bills

The amount of taxes payable annually on a property is calculated by multiplying the assessed amount by the tax rates established by the taxing authorities that provide public services. The County Assessor establishes the value of all property for tax purposes.

The Property Tax Statement is mailed around the middle of July each year, to the assessed owner, as their name and mailing address are listed on the Tax Roll as of July 1st. The Tax Roll is prepared and maintained by the County Assessor.

If you bought property in the last part of the fiscal year, the former owner may receive the statement. The County Assessor requires time to process your recorded deed. Please contact the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office if have not received a property tax statement by August 1st.

Name or Address Change

The Lyon County Assessor must be notified of the change in mailing address for each property you own. A change of address must be made in writing and requires and owner’s signature. A form is printed on each of your payment stubs for this purpose. You can change your address online by completing a Change of Address Form which you can get from the County Assessor’s Office.

For the Assessor to change a name on the Tax Roll, proper legal documents must be completed and recorded at the Lyon County Recorder’s Office. A name change could be due to a transfer of ownership of the property, death, or marriage.