Wastewater is conveyed to the treatment plants by a series of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe. The pipe ranges in size from 8” to 21”. From each home/business sanitary sewer lateral usually 4” in size; the wastewater is piped to the treatment plant using a gravity sewer. When the wastewater gets to a low point in the area we pump the sewer up hill to another gravity sewer to continue its journey to the plant.

Lyon County Utilities has 4 collection systems that flow to each of our plants.

  • Carson Highlands sewer collection system consists of approximately 7,940 linear feet of 8” diameter pipe with 2 lift stations. This system serves 290 EDU’s (Equivalent Domestic Unit)
  • Dayton area has 3 collection systems.
1. Old town Dayton and all development along both sides of Dayton Valley Road are conveyed to the South Dayton WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant). Santa Maria ranch and Carson River estates are new developments on this system. The system has 6 lift stations.
2. Rose Peak and Sutro sub divisions convey wastewater to the North Dayton WWTP and has the ability to redirect the wastewater to the Rolling A WWTP. The system has 3 lift stations.
3. Canyon Estates, Nantucket, Brookhaven, and River Park convey wastewater to the Rolling A WWTP. This system has 1 lift station at the treatment plant site.