Real Property Transfer Tax

Upon the transfer of any real property in the State of Nevada, a special tax called the Real Property Transfer Tax is imposed. The County Recorder in the county where the property is located is the agency responsible for the imposition and collection of the tax at the time the transfer is recorded. The Grantor and Grantee are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the tax. When all taxes and recording fees required are paid, the deed is recorded.

Each County Recorder’s Office:

  1. Determines the amount of the tax required based on the value as represented on the Declaration of Value.

  1. Reviews applications for exemption(s) and determines whether the transaction qualifies.

  1. Collects the tax when the transfer of property is recorded.

  1. Transmits to the State of Nevada all Real Property Transfer Taxes collected, minus a collection allowance granted by statute.


$1.95 for each $500 of value or fraction thereof if the value is over $100. You can also determine tax due by using the tax table.

Declaration of Value Form

The Declaration of Value is a form prescribed by the Nevada Tax Commission to provide information with regard to the transfer of real property. The form must be filled out completely and in compliance with recording standards.