Silver City Town Advisory Board


Citizen Advisory Boards are established by the Lyon County Commission to represent residents of Lyon County in designated geographical areas. Citizen Advisory Boards provide information and recommendations to the Lyon County Commission and to other appointed Lyon County boards and commissions. Within their respective geographic area of responsibility, Citizen Advisory Boards:

    • Provide advice on land use, services, budget, taxes and other matters;
    • Represent the views and concerns of citizens in a fair and equitable manner;
    • Serve as a liaison between the citizens of Lyon County and the County Commissioners; and,
    • Disseminate information to the citizens on issues of concern.


    The Silver City Town Advisory Board meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Silver City Community Center located at 385 High Street, Silver City, NV 89428.


    The Citizen Advisory Board Handbook may be found here.
    The Citizen Advisory Board application may be found here
    The Silver City Survey may be found here

    Contact Information

    For further information please contact the Citizen Advisory Board Liaison:

    Maureen Williss
    (775) 463-6531

    or contact a member of the Silver City Advisory Board
     Natascha Haugen 775-342-7731
     Cristee Davis 775-583-5022 
      Cal Dillon 775 847-7711